About us

Trabajo para un Hermano is a Foundation of the Catholic Church of Santiago that strives to be a tangible sign of God’s love for men and women and for their work. We believe that work is a fundamental dimension of the human being. It contributes to the humanization of people, to the stability of families and to greater social harmony. We feel a responsibility to promote "Good Work” which not only helps people live, but also helps them live fully and grow as persons.


We came into existence in 1982 as the Campaign for Work for a Brother with the aim of helping the most neglected ones of Chile find work, and since then we have had a rich, long history. Our experience has taught us that it is necessary to support independent workers. Consequently, various  Centers of Local Development have been created, namely: "Padre Esteban Gumucio" in San Joaquín (1991), "Barrancas" Cerro Navia (1992) and, in 2000, the “San Alberto Hurtado” Center in Huechuraba.  Through them and the “Fernando Vives” Center, in Santiago, we have managed to establish a direct bond with the community, especially with the poorest sector.


Our Mission

A. TO CREATE a consciousness of the VALUE and DIGNITY Of WORK as an essential value in human life. We try to stimulate a sense of solidarity and social responsibility with regard to work in our society, and we proclaim the importance of  work well done. 


B. TO BE a bridge of SOLIDARITY, so that different social atmospheres surround the work.  For example, we want to enable those who have resources (human, financial or spiritual) to find a way to share these with those who need them for their own development, so that those with the resources can also be enriched by the sharing.  We try to provide the means and tools that workers and micro-industrialists need (especially women and young people) to start up their own businesses. We look for contacts which will help those who have lost work get re-inserted into the work force, or which will give small producers access to better conditions in the markets. 


C. TO ENABLE, PROMOTE and ADVISE people with work problems so that they can get a source of steady work, and maintain it responsibly and well.


The work of TPH is focused on: 

- finding jobs

- creating work

- improving the quality of work to promote the Good News about Work that Jesus shows us in the Gospels. 


Some of our tasks are to:

- offer advanced training courses,

- provide access to consultant's offices and different kinds of technical assistance

- arrange meetings between workers and entrepreneurs to promote dialogue about the reality of work

- publish bulletins and product catalogues

Agradecemos a quienes trabajan con nosotros

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